Candy Wrapper Software

MyWrapper® is the original candy wrapper software. Personalized candy bar wrappers cost anywhere from about $1.00 to as much as $3.00 depending on where you order them. With MyWrapper® Platinum you will recoupe your investment in less time than you can imagine. Not only is MyWrapper® Platinum the best software to create candy bar wrappers, it is the easiest to use!

  • Absolutely no graphic skills needed to create beautiful and memorable personalized party favor wrappers.
  • Save at least 30 to 60 minutes of design time every time you do a new personalized candy bar wrapper project.
  • Print your own candy bar wrappers with photos from your digital camera or scanner.
  • No other software programs or templates needed to create personalized candy bar wrappers that recipients will love and admire.

With the acclaimed MyWrapper® Platinum software you will be printing fantastic personalized wrappers, on plain printer paper, in less than 5 minutes after installing the program. All you need is a color printer, printer paper, a cutting board or pair of scissors, and a glue stick or double sided tape.

MyWrapper Platinum Features

  • Move inserted photo to any location on the wrapper.
  • Resize the inserted photo.
  • Insert and move text to anywhere on the wrapper.
  • Import data from Excel.
  • Create a database directly in MyWrapper Platinum.
  • Flip inserted text for mint matchbooks, table tents, etc.
  • Use the full color spectrum for your text.
  • Change the margins and gutters.
  • Print a single wrapper.
  • Replace the MyWrapper copyright information.
  • Create your own custom color palette.
  • Create a custom color palette for the project.

MyWrapper Platinum Video Overview

We've put together a quick video showing how easy it is to use MyWrapper® to print your own personalized candy bar wrappers. If you'd like to watch a video tutorial on how to make customized candy bar wrappers please click here.


Click on a screenshot to zoom in

Select a wrapper type. Just select the full size bar, mint matchbook, lifesaver, or miniature bar you want to wrap or use a custom wrapper size you can create with the program. Select an occasion. Select an occasion. Choose a background. Select a background from those displayed for the occasion or import any graphic or photo you wish to use as the background. Import a photo. Add a photo if you wish. Resize and move the photo. Resize the photo, move it to where you want it and add your text. Print and enjoy! Print your wrappers, cut them out, wrap your bars and enjoy!

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